Wenzhou OuHong seal Co.,Ltd. founded in 2006, is a collection of plastic technology research, development, design, production, services in one of the professional production of O-ring type enterprise, have flat vulcanizing machine, extrusion machines, injection molding machine, rubber mixing machine, electronic Rally machine, hardness tester, projectors, electronic temperature test boxes and other production equipment and testing equipment.
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Our company production of large size O-ring looks flawless, uniform thickness, size accurate, applicable to a variety of harsh environment dynamic or static sealing. According to the requirements of customers to use different, my company's large size O-ring is currently the main production materials are: nitrile rubber ( NBR ) hardness ShoreA 70-95, hydrogenated nitrile ( HNBR ) ShoreA 70-95 hardness, fluorine rubber ( FKM ) hardness ShoreA75-95, VITON series ( VITON A, VITON B, VITON GF, VITON GLT ) ShoreA75-95, the hardness of fluorosilicone rubber ( FVMQ ) hardness ShoreA60-80, silicone rubber ( VMQ ) hardness ShoreA60-80.
According to the demand of customer my company can also use the same process and material for customization delta-ring, trapezoidal-ring, rectangle-ring and so on some big specifications of profiled.

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